When choosing an individual health insurance Alvin Tx plan your first decision is what type of plan to choose. For major medical plans there are basically two types offered. One is the co-pay style plan with the doctor office visit co-pays and the prescription card co-pays. The other is the large deductible plan without the co-pays. Both plans have advantages over the other.

Allow me to warn you.  If the plan you are looking at has a great premium and wording similar to consumer budget choice, look very carefully at the coverages and limitations.Many of the low end plans increase the coinsurance amounts, reduce the coverage, etc.  For instance a $30,000 out-of-pocket maximum or a $50,000 limit on organ transplants is not unusual for this type of plan.  A liver transplant will cost over $350,000.  It takes $50,000 to get on the eligibility list.These plans should not be considered major medical plans.  However, they are better than nothing.  We prefer a true major health insurance Alvin plan with a higher deductible to fit your budget.Another tip is to always look at the premiums of the different deductibles within each plan.

The premiums will tell you which deductible the insurance company wants to write.  If the premium difference between a $500 deductible plan and a $1,000 deductible plan is $750, then the $1,000 is a superior choice.  The difference in deductible, $500, is less than the difference in premium, $750.Finding the best plan can be a time consuming task.  If you would like our assistance, please contact us at your convenience.