Homeowner’s Insurance Alvin TX

As a homeowner, you know that your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. Protect your investment by making sure you have adequate coverage for your home insurance Alvin Tx. Depending on where you live, this may include flood insurance as well. We offer home insurance in Alvin, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Angleton, Pearland and the surrounding areas.

Home Insurance Alvin Tx

We offer FREE ONLINE HOMEOWNERS’ INSURANCE QUOTES from several major insurance companies, but these may not be the best insurance rates available to you. For the absolute best rates on your homeowners’ insurance, contact us directly.

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  • Companies including windstorm & hail

 Homeowners’ Insurance FAQs:

What are the types of homeowners insurance?

Currently the majority of the insurance companies are selling one the following four forms:

  • Homeowners Form-B
  • ISO Form 3
  • Enhanced Homeowners Form-A
  • Homeowners Form-A

The Homeowners Form-B and the ISO Form 3 are comparable and have the broadest coverage. There are other forms for renters, dwelling fire, ect.

Is it bad having a separate windstorm policy?

No. In many cases the premium is lower by having a homeowners policy and a windstorm policy. Warning: The windstorm policy has a deductible for the dwelling and a deductible for the personal property. You need to compare the 1% deductible windstorm policy to a 2% wind deductible with the Alvin Tx homeowners insurance policy.

Do I need to have windstorm inspections on my new roof?

The windstorm inspection (WPI-8) on a re-roof is free. If you live in a county that borders the Gulf of Mexico, have your roofer get the inspection. You do not know what the insurance company’s requirements will be in the future. Currently most companies exclude the windstorm and hail perils in the coastal counties. The perils can be insured through the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). The TWIA requires all roofs newer than 1988 to have a WPI-8 filed with the State. If you do not get the inspection done during the re-roof process, there is a charge for an inspection after the roof is finished.