Auto Insurance


The most important section of your auto or car insurance is your auto liability. Auto liability covers your financial responsibility for the bodily injury or property damage of others while operating a vehicle. It is your protection from a lawsuit. Since liability insurance protects the public, the State of Texas requires every driver to have auto liability insurance or to post a bond with the State of Texas.

The auto insurance parts that cover your vehicle are called comprehensive and collision. Comprehensive coverage reimburses losses due to fire, theft, flooding, or other covered perils. Meanwhile, collision coverage pays to repair losses caused by an accident or the overturn of the vehicle. Often these coverages are mandated by leasing companies or banks. There are also ancillary medical, car rental, and other coverages that you should consider.

WARNING: You need to be aware of two current issues.

  1. There are numerous policy forms available. Some companies have enhanced the coverages while others have limited the coverages. Be sure your concerns are addressed by your agent.
  2. Many insurance agencies are charging their clients a policy fee. The fees are generally $50-$100. There are still some agencies like Independent Insurance Counselors that do not charge an agency fee. A hundred dollars can buy a lot of insurance

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