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Commercial Auto Insurance in Alvin, TX

At Independent Insurance Counselors LLC , we offer customized commercial auto insurance solutions to ensure that your business keeps moving, no matter what bumps you encounter along the way. Contact us today for a personalized commercial auto insurance quote.

Why Commercial Auto Insurance Is Crucial for Your Business

Operating commercial vehicles brings its own set of challenges and liabilities, separate from those of personal automobiles. Whether you’re running a single delivery van or a large fleet of trucks, accidents can happen. Choosing the right commercial auto insurance policy becomes not just a legal requirement but an essential business strategy.

Texas businesses using vehicles for their operations must maintain minimum commercial auto liability insurance. If you operate heavy-duty trucks and semis, your company may also be subject to federal insurance regulations.

If your business finances vehicles, the lienholder may require full coverage auto insurance, which typically includes comprehensive and collision insurance.

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Working with an experienced agent is crucial as you build your company’s commercial auto insurance policy. Contact Independent Insurance Counselors LLC in Alvin, TX, for commercial auto insurance that’s as dynamic and robust as your business ambitions.

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