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Mobile home insurance is unique.  The policies will either be a variation of a dwelling policy or a variation of a personal auto policy.  Either way the policies are expensive if the home is located in a coastal area. A major problem is mobile home policies are specialty policies.  Only a small number of insurance companies insure mobile homes vs. the number of insurance companies that insure other homes.

As a result, when a major mobile home insurance company decides to pull out from an area by non-renewing their clients, the other insurance companies over react and limit or cease insuring new clients.  The other companies’ logic is they want to spread their risk and they do not want a lopsided amount of insured property value in any one area. For the mobile home owners that live in their mobile home there is a package policy available.

The policy will provide a specified amount of coverage on the home, your personal belongings, your personal liability and adjacent structures such as pump houses or porches.  Most companies will want you to list your other structures.

Our best advice is to be careful with mobile home policies.  It is very easy to be under insured with this policy in the area of your belongings, theft coverage, other structures, etc.   Check your policies to make sure the amounts are adequate and that the coverages are adequate.

If you are contemplating living in a coastal area, research the different mobile home territotries.  If you are going to move to Brazoria County you should consider locating north and west of state highway 35 and west of FM 528. These are the territory boundary lines for most mobile home insurance companies. The rates will be lower and the availability will be better the farther your mobile home is away from the coast.

Mobile Home Insurance Alvin TX

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