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Recreational vehicles refer to a class of motorized vehicles that are designed to be primarily used off public roads. This class includes 4-wheelers, dune buggies, golf carts and dirt bikes. Insuring the recreational vehicles is interesting.

You might have RV insurance under your homeowner’s policy as personal property, but you need to be warned: Most homeowner’s policies insure your personal property under a named peril basis. That means every peril that is insured will be listed. Collision and overturn are not listed. Most homeowner’s policies have high deductibles. If you have a 2% deductible on a $200,000 home, your deductible is $4,000.

If the RV insurance vehicle is licensed for public road use, some of the recreational vehicles would not be covered under your homeowner’s policy. If you have a claim away from your home’s premises, many homeowner’s policies limit the claim amount for your recreational vehicle.

A common limit is $1,000 or 10% of your personal property amount whichever is the greatest. And finally, Most homeowner’s policies do not provide liability coverage away from your premises.  An exception to this is many policies cover the liability while operating a golf cart while in the process of golfing.

RV Insurance Alvin TX

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