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Of all of the topics, maritime insurance is the largest.  In the maritime arena you better be extremely careful.  Federal laws and awards apply.  The liability exposures are greater and there are fewer insurance companies that insure wet operations.  As a result, the premiums are much higher.  Sometimes what should concern you is getting the right coverage instead of the price.

Unfortunately, many businesses do not realize they actually have maritime exposures, when they do.  One day I received a pipeline contractor as a business referral.  The contractor insisted he did not need any maritime coverage nor would he buy any maritime coverage.  The contractor had just received a contract to lay a pipeline across the Houston Ship Channel.  He did not even understand the term navigable waterway.

For those businesses that do not know if you have a maritime exposure, answer the following two questions:

What is your status?  In other words is the work you perform maritime related?
Where is the location of the work or situs?  Is it on or dockside of a navigable waterway?

If your answers are yes, then you might be subject to maritime law.

For those who know you have a maritime exposure, I apologize.  There is not any content for you, but I would enjoy discussing your business or answering your questions.  Having had a third mate unlimited tonnage license, it’s nice talking about the maritime industry.

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