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Business Auto Insurance

The business auto policy is one of the more difficult policies to get right and keep right.  One of the reasons is the business auto information given to the insurance agency is more critical information.  If the information is inaccurate or withheld a gap in coverage could occur. Your cooperation and accuracy is paramount.

If you have only one vehicle, there should not be a problem.  If you have a fleet of vehicles and trailers, you regularly lease or rent vehicles, you allow your employees to use their vehicles to make calls or run errands, and you have your personal vehicles on the policy, the policy has become much more complex.

The following are the common issues we witness regarding business auto policies:   It seems elementary, but having the incorrect “who is an insured under the policy” occurs.  If an individual is sued and is not an insured, then the policy will not respond. This issue is alleviated by having the named insured properly done and the policy properly endorsed. Do not think the coverages are the same as the personal auto policy.

There may be similar coverage names, but the coverages are different. If you do not contact your agent when you purchase a vehicle, the vehicle schedule becomes inaccurate. You should check the driving records of all of their drivers.  A minimum standard needs to be a part of the employment manual. We have discovered people with expired and suspended licenses, DWI’s, DUI’s, and the whole gamut of driving charges.

If you put a driver that has a bad driving history behind the wheel of a vehicle, your business might be held grossly negligent regarding an accident.   The best way to prevent any of these things from happening is to give your agent all the information about your vehicles and keep your agent informed about any change in vehicles or operations.

Depending on your specific situation you might need to enhance your business auto policy by endorsing the policy.  For instance there are endorsements that will provide additional protection by including your family members as named insureds and adding coverage for rental vehicles.   Actually the quoting process is quite simple for you. Complete and accurate are the keys to your protection. We have some forms in the forms section of the website that might be helpful.

Business Auto Insurance Alvin TX

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