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commercial property insurance

We have attended two and a half day commercial property seminars that did not even cover every facet of commercial property insurance.  Therefore, we are going to give you the number 1 rule of commercial insurance and some information on the foundation of insuring your building and contents.   #1 Rule  Cooperate with your agent!

Nobody should know your business better than you.  You know what is important to you.  You should tell your agent specifically what you want protected and from what peril.   Without your detailed description or by withholding information, gaps in your protection could occur.  For your agent to help you, you and your agent need to be on the same page regarding your business insurance needs.

Commercial property forms are broad in coverage, but there are various exclusions and limitations.  Many of the exclusions are a result of the property being covered under a different policy.  As a result, you might need additional policies or your building and contents policy can be customized by the use of endorsements to add protection for the critical gaps.

Without your help the only way an agent can properly protect your business is by performing a risk analysis of your business.  This is a very good option, but it is very time consuming and expensive for smaller businesses.  The bottom line is we do not want your claim to be denied, because we did not know an exposure existed.  We can do the risk analysis or you can.  It’s your choice.

Commercial Property Insurance

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