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Why Is Independent Insurance Counselors The Best?

The truth is we are not the best agency in certain scenarios.

Our agency is based on three core beliefs.

  1. We know WHY we come to work. What we do in the insurance business is important. Most of our new clients know very little about insurance. As a result, we try to teach and guide our clients so they can make easier, smarter, and better decisions regarding their protection.
  2. We believe in excellence. Our definition of excellence is always exceeding expectations. Excellence can only be achieved with integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to the belief that every client is a VIP.
  3. We believe in the Golden Rule. Our clients are treated as we would like to be treated. If our client and insurance company have a disagreement, a fair resolution is a priority.

We endeavor to always have superior service and products that are competitive in coverage and pricing. If you need that agency that will always have the lowest premium, then we are not the better agency. First, that agency or insurance company does not exist. You will be constantly searching for the lowest premium. Second, on many occasions the cheapest is not always the best. There are times we recommend a higher premium option for superior coverages.

Therefore, our goal is to find clients with common beliefs and work together so both parties are rewarded. If you agree with our beliefs and the concept of mutual success, we are the better agency. We were the better agency for Jeff’s business. Jeff was not interested in professional liability. He did not want to pay for insurance that he was not going to use. Jeff reluctantly agreed with our recommendation. After the insurance company paid $115,318 on a claim, Jeff knew he had made the right choice.

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